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Ensure you are protecting yourself,

your employees and your business

from potential fire hazards

I can help you with your electrical

safety testing requirements

Please don't be fooled by other 'so called' PAT Testing companies offering you a cheap price for all of your PAT Testing.

Please be advised that these 'so called' PAT Testing companies are offering the customer cheap prices and all they are doing is charging you for putting a Green 'PASS' sticker on to your Electrical Appliance and either duplicating or making up the calibrated test results. It's easy money for them and could be a headache for you, to say the least!

In reality, it takes about one hour to test between 8 to 10 Electrical Appliances properly.

It is physically impossible to have more than 80 to 100 Electrical Appliances properly PAT Tested in one working day, so in the past, if you have had more than this amount tested in one day, I can assure you that you have just paid to have a Green 'PASS' sticker put on to your Electrical Appliance and therefore your Electrical Appliance has not been properly PAT Tested. So have the job done properly!

More importantly, the law clearly states that it is the Employer's responsibility if a faulty Electrical Appliance was to cause an Electric Shock or a Fire!

So in layman's terms - it would be the Employer that would get sued and not the PAT Tester!

PJW's PAT Testing Policy

At PJW Property Maintenance, I take PAT Testing very seriously indeed. I cannot stress enough the importance for you and your staff's safety when it comes to operating electrical equipment.

The Health and Safety Executive Board states that there are well over 1,000 Electrical Accidents and Incidents every year in the workplace, caused by inadequate or faulty Electrical Appliances. An Employer is solely responsible to ensure the safety of all its employees.

So ask yourself these two simple questions..........

1).How would it affect me and my business if a member of my staff or a member of the public were to receive an electric shock, resulting in either a serious injury or death?

2). If I was to have a fire in my work premises caused by a faulty Electrical Appliance, would my Insurance Company pay out my claim - bearing in mind that I have not had any of my Electrical Appliances tested to the legal required PAT Testing Regulations?

Act Now!

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PAT Testing is a legal requirement for all businesses and employees who use electrical appliances in their day to day work. The testing of such electrical appliances must be done by a qualified or a competent person, (PAT Testing Certificate) mostly on an annual basis. For some businesses such as Guest Houses and Hotels, these tests have to be done every 3/6 months.

PAT Testing ensures that all electrical appliances are safe to operate by either employees or members of the public.

It could be said that a PAT Test is like taking your Car for its annual MOT.

For full information and the legal requirments for all employers regarding PAT Testing, please click here.

What is a Portable Electrical Appliance?

In short, the definition of a Portable Electrical Appliance is something that is plugged into an electrical 3 pin power socket, in order for it to operate. The Electrical Appliance can be Stationary Equipment, IT Equipment, Movable Equipment, Portable Equipment or Hand-held Equipment. For example:

Office Equipment

PC Hard Drives and Monitors, Laptops, Photocopiers, Printers, Desk Lamps, Power Leads, Extention Leads, Electrical Surge Protection Leads, Fan Heaters, Electric Radiators.


All Tools - (both 240v and 110v), RCD's, Power Leads, Extention Leads/Surge Protection Leads, Radios.


Microwave Ovens, Fridges, Freezers, Coffee Machines/Vending Machines, Kettles

Toasters, Sandwich Toasters, Power Leads, Extention Leads/Surge Protection Leads.

What is the PAT Testing Process?

PAT Testing applies to Class 1, Class 2 Appliances, IET Leads and Extension Leads.

1). A Visual Inspection

A full visual inspection of the electrical power cable, ensuring that there are no abrasions, cuts, rips or tears in it. An inspection of each 3 pin plug also ensures that the appliance has been wired up correctly, ensuring that the correct amp fuse is being used too.

2). Calibrated Meter Test

A PAT Testing Meter is used to record:

a). Earth Continuity - (Class 1 Appliances)

b). Insulation and Resistance - (Class 1 and Class 2 Appliances)

c). Earth Leakage - (Class 1 and Class 2 Appliances)

d). Polarity Test - (IEC Leads and Extension Leads)

Upon the results of these tests, the PAT Testing Engineer will either PASS or FAIL the Electrical Appliance and a PASS or FAIL Label is put on to the appliance or electrical lead and the results are recorded.

All the recorded readings are entered into our database and within a couple of days a hard copy PAT Register is produced by us and given to the employer, together with our PAT Testing Certificate, for safe keeping. The customer's hard copy PAT register will have a Concise Asset List, a Detailed Latest Results List and a Concise Task Check List, showing all of the applicable test results, per electrical appliance.

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PJW Property Maintenance

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